Millennium Health & Fitness firmly believes that education is one of the best ways to improve the health and wellness of its customers. To this end, Millennium has been providing personnel dedicated to the development of new learning material as well as continually updating existing material to meet new industry standards.

Millennium,in partnership with National Aerobics & Fitness Trainers Association (NAFTA), provides comprehensive training programs designed to train individuals of all levels starting as beginners to Masters of the Industry with 25+ years’ experience, become safe effective leaders in the fitness industry.

All materials and courses are developed by professionals in the area of fitness education.

The programs range from 16 hours to a 40-hour combination of classroom and practical training that teaches client assessment, exercise program design and implementation, client interaction, professional responsibility, legal issues, and risk management.

Graduates of NAFTA’s programs boast a pass rate of nearly 70% for the certification exams. NAFTA’s Fitness Instructor Training programs are customized to train military personnel, fitness professionals working with seniors, and firefighters.