Health Promotion

Health Education Presentations

Millennium offers strategic Health Education presentations targeted to deliver informative and educational information about various health related topics to your employees. These presentations are developed using government resources (HHS, CDC, FDA, USDA, etc.) and are updated regularly.



Stretch Breaks



Screening services

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines biometric health screenings as the measurement of physical characteristics such as height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood glucose, and aerobic fitness that can be taken at the worksite and used as a standalone or part of a workplace health assessment to benchmark and evaluate changes in employee health stats over time. The goal of implementing biometric screenings is to reduce health risks, improve health status, reduce health care costs, and improve the productivity and performance of the workforce.

Body Fat

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health fair services

Planning a health fair is an excellent way to successfully promote a health concept or medical device, engage community members, or simply teach children about their bodies. Whatever the health fair idea, health fairs – when done right – can also help you reach a number of your strategic goals. If you’re thinking about planning a health fair for your business or organization, here are a few things to consider:

Anti-smoking events

Heart healthy walks, events

Breast cancer awareness events

Employee education