Loving Kindness

A loving kindness meditation is one of care, concern, kindness, and friendship. It generates a feeling of warmth for oneself and others. Loving kindness comes from a selfless place.
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Mindful Eating

Bring your full attention to the piece of food in front of you. Notice the color. Notice if the light shines on it differently in different places. Notice if there are smooth or rough places.
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Imagery and Conditioned Relaxation

During the imagery meditation, conditioned relaxation was introduced where participants used a relaxation cue word and timed it with their out breaths.
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Health Education

Healthy Living Back Pain Exercise ACA

Stretching and an active lifestyle are often recommended to help reduce back pain and speed the recovery process following an injury.
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Improve Posture for Better Health NIH

Sit up straight! This common request may have been how you first heard about posture, the way you hold your body.
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Tips for a Healthy Spine ACA

A healthy spine is an often-overlooked and essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, approximately 80% of the population suffers from spinal pain at some point.
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Office Exercise Add more activity to your workday Mayo Clinic

Finding time to exercise can be a challenge. Why not work out while you work? Consider 10 ways to add physical activity to your workday routine
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Fitting in Fitness Mayo Clinic

Finding time for fitness can be tough. The key is making it convenient. Consider these practical suggestions
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2022 Portion Distortion

Portion sizes have grown so much over the last few decades that we think these large portions are ‘normal’ portions
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Stretch Anywhere Mayo Clinic

Stretching may take a back seat to your exercise routine. The main concern is exercising, not stretching, right?
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Spine Stretch